Do you want to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home? As a leader in home performance, we can cut your energy bills for many years to come.


Instead of merely addressing the symptoms, we look at your entire home to find solutions. This approach to home performance makes homes more durable over time – preventing future

maintenance issues from water infiltration, pests, mold growth, and many other common issues.

The benefits of home performance upgrades include:

  • Greater indoor comfort
  • Lower utility bills
  • Less wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment
  • Improved indoor air quality


Many Rockford-area homes have indoor air quality issues, wildlife infestations, water stains, condensation, and frost inside. These are all signs that home performance upgrades are needed. We look at these signs and use building-science-proven tests to determine how your home is performing.


Your Greenlink Energy Solutions team of experts has many years of experience, and gets the job done right the first time. As a Rockford-area leader in home performance, we understand how to cut your energy bills and boost home comfort and health. When you choose Greenlink Energy Solutions, you can trust that we will provide high-quality work for a reasonable price.

Are you heating and cooling costs out of control? Contact Greenlink Energy Solutions today to boost your home's performance.

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