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Save energy and boost the comfort of your home by scheduling a Greenlink Home Energy Audit in Rockford, IL.

One of the biggest problems with an expensive energy bill is that you often have no idea why the cost is so high. Your home generates energy via several sources, and there’s often other factors that can influence its efficiency. At Greenlink, our energy experts know where to look to find the cause of your excessive energy bills. Once we pinpoint the source, we can help you make whatever improvements are needed, whether its insultation, air sealing, or renewable energy options.


The first step in the Greenlink process is a Complete Energy Audit. This allows us to pinpoint any efficiency issues your home may have, so we know exactly how to tailor solutions to your needs.

A home energy assessment also reveals factors that may be degrading the air quality and longevity of your home. As an expert energy audit company, we use building science techniques and tools to take the guesswork out of saving energy. Instead of trial and error, our process and expertise ensure that the solutions we propose will have a significant impact on your energy use, and the end result makes your wallet a lot happier.


We also offer a FREE Complete Visual Inspection.

This is a complimentary 6-point visual inspection of common household energy efficiency problem areas. This is a great starting point to get an idea of what improvements you want to make, as well as an estimate on what it would take to do that. It's free, so contact us to schedule yours now!

To find out how to conserve energy and cash, contact us for a home energy audit in Rockford, IL. Our dedicated team is ready to help.

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