Larry B.

I had Austin come out a year ago to evaluate my house. It was cold and drafty in the winter and hot in the summer. He recommended insulation and window replacement. I opted for just doing the insulation at the time and noticed an immediate improvement. This fall I had GreenLink back out to do the windows and again I was more than excited with the improvements.

Larry B.


The exterior of your home is often referred to as the "envelope," and it protects you from the elements. It regulates how air moves in and out of the home, repels moisture, and prevents 

conditioned air from escaping to the outside. Issues in your building envelope can have a big impact on home energy bills, maintenance, and comfort.

The benefits of weatherization and envelope work include:

  • Preventing moisture from entering your home
  • Promoting indoor air quality by avoiding mold and mildew growth
  • Cutting energy bills by keeping conditioned air inside
  • Stopping drafts for greater indoor comfort
  • Reducing future home maintenance by keeping the elements out


A properly functioning building envelope is a crucial preventative measure that provides greater energy efficiency. This reduces wear and tear on your heating and cooling system - extending the life of the equipment - and keeps water from infiltrating your home, preventing mold and mildew problems.

By addressing the root cause of home envelope issues, we can lower your energy bills for many years to come.


The Greenlink Energy Solutions team of experts is equipped to tackle any weatherization project, and committed to quality workmanship from start to finish.

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