The Complete Visual Inspection is a six-point assessment of the key vulnerabilities in your home's building envelope. The best part? We will inspect your home for FREE! Just give us a call now.


1. Attic

When inspecting your attic, we focus on three major factors: the thermal barrier, air and moisture leakage (through gaps and cracks), and ventilation. If these three factors are not all working together properly, it can easily lead to mold and air quality issues, uneven temperatures in your home, and high energy bills.

2. Windows & Doors

In addition to assessing the overall condition of your windows and doors, we check to make sure they are properly installed and sealed, to maximize your energy efficiency.

3. Wall Thermal Barrier

In this step, we make sure your walls have sufficient insulation and check for air gaps that may be letting air and pollutants seep in.

4. Rim & Band Joist

This is essentially the base of your walls, where they rest on your foundation or slab. Unfortunately, the rim joist in many Greater Rockford Area homes have no insulation or air sealing - which means you are losing a significant amount of conditioned air, and allowing moisture and pollution into your home.

5. Mechanical

The mechanical systems in your home play an important role in keeping it comfortable, and can present serious health risks can be unnecessarily costly to run if not functioning properly. We visually inspect these systems to look for any obvious issues.

6. Indoor Air Quality

Throughout the whole process, we look for a number of common issues that lower the air quality in your home. This can include moisture, mold, VOC's, and improper ventilation.

If you are interested in lowering your energy bills or improving the comfort, safety, or air quality of your home, the Complete Visual Inspection is the perfect place to start - risk free!

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