Switch to Solar Powered Renewable Energy and Save Today

Why Make the Switch to Clean Energy?

Zero Money Down With Financing Available

When you work with Greenlink, we make your new solar investment as affordable as possible. For qualified applicants, our lending partner often finances 100% of the cost, so you can take the next step without emptying your wallet.

Federal Tax Credits

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, allows you to recoup a portion of your investment in solar energy. Solar panels installed in Illinois during the year 2021 qualify for a 26% ITC.

Break Free From Rising Electrical Costs

Statistics predict a 2.8% increase in U.S. residential energy costs between 2020 and 2021. An investment in solar energy means you'll never have to worry about electricity's rising cost.

Achieve Greater Energy Independence

On a national scale, solar energy helps our country depend less on foreign fossil fuel. In a similar manner, individuals who invest in solar panels for their homes aren’t at the mercy of the local power company. No matter where you are, you can store energy and use it when needed. 

Reduce Your Utility Bill and Your Carbon Footprint

Renewable energy is clean energy. Solar panels generate very few CO2 emissions, which reduces your carbon footprint. Whether you rely solely on solar energy or use it as a partial power supply, you can significantly reduce your utility bill by using clean, renewable energy.

Increase Your Property Value

The benefits of lower long-term energy costs and the positive environmental impact make a solar system an attractive feature for homebuyers. Many people will pay a premium to go even partially off-grid, which ultimately increases your property value.

Maximize Your ROI With Tax Credits and Rebates

In addition to the Solar ITC, you can also earn Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or SRECs, which you can then sell in the energy market. At Greenlink, we handle this application process for you and help you get started. Solar energy improvements are also exempt from property tax increases in Illinois.

Why choose Greenlink to be Your Solar Panel Contractor?

With over a decade of qualified experience, certifications, and accreditations, you can trust that our all in-house team of certified solar panel installation contractors will provide expert service that delivers high quality results. We’re passionate about what we do—helping everyone improve home performance and efficiency.

We're not just a solar panel contractor—we assess and analyze your home as a system rather than focus on a single aspect. Our team ensures your solar panels are operating at peak efficiency in combination with your home to get the most value and results.

We serve the greater Rockford area, Northern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin. We offer individually tailored net zero (which means no electric bills) solutions with our highly qualified solar installation experts and through local partnerships built through years of networking with highly regarded and experienced roofing professionals and electrical technicians.

Here are just some of the many reasons to make Greenlink your solar energy partner:

  • We are community based. Veteran owned, family operated, and community centered.

  • 5 star reviews, many customer testimonials, and a perfect track record of customer satisfaction.

  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating, Pearl Certified, BPI® Certified, and Partnered with GENERAC®.

  • Highest quality equipment and materials tested for durability and efficiency from the best manufacturers.

  • Meticulous attention to detail—each proposal is unique to your home or building. Nothing is templated. We demonstrate every aspect: return on investment, sun exposure, incentives, tax credits, and more.

  • Superior aesthetics—our solar panel installers leave no measurement unchecked, guaranteeing beautiful panels that blend with the style of your home.

  • We provide solar panel quotes and proposals for your home or business at no charge.

It’s Never Been Easier To Switch To Solar

The initial financial commitment has often been the biggest obstacle between property owners and solar energy. With federal and state rebates, credits, and assistance programs—not to mention Greenlink’s unbeatable financing options—switching to solar is easier than ever. We go above and beyond to make renewable energy an achievable goal for our customers. We’re the top solar panel installation contractors in Rockford for a reason: Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the only choice for your home or business.

Why consider a Solar Photovoltaic System?


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Greenlink Does Much More Than Solar PV Systems

Greenlink’s approach is different because we take a holistic, 360° building science approach to ensure all of your systems are working together at maximum efficiency. Your home is often your largest asset. Are you investing in your home’s long-term value? Are you spending an excessive amount of money heating and cooling an inefficient home? Is your home as healthy and comfortable as it should be? We listen to your concerns and devise solutions that meet all your needs.

Free Energy Assessment/Audit

Our FREE in-home or virtual energy assessments evaluate allevaluate of all of your home’s systems to provide you individually tailored solutions and give you optimized returns on your investment. Call Greenlink today at (779) 774-3378, email info@usgreenlink.com, or fill out our contact form!


Renewable energy – including solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal – produce energy with little or no carbon emissions. These clean sources of energy have considerable health benefits as they promote air quality and environmental health.


Reliable renewable energy systems are growing in popularity across Northern Illinois. The cost of residential solar panel installation has fallen considerably, making now a great time to install photovoltaic panels on your home. In fact, the price of solar electric systems has fallen each year since 1998, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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