Image of an ice dam built up on a gutter that is melting

Winters can be harsh here in northern Illinois, with heavy snowfall and temperatures well below freezing. This makes ice dams an especially common problem for homeowners in the Rockford area. More than a mere nuisance, ice dams can cause significant damage to your attic, insulation, ceilings, and more. At Greenlink Energy Solutions, we help educate homeowners about the causes of ice dams and offer a variety of services to prevent ice dams at the source. Let us take care of ice dam removal and prevention.

What Are Ice Dams and How Do They Form?

Ice dams are ridges of ice that form along the edges of a roof. Many homeowners first notice them when they see large icicles hanging from their eaves. Ice dams form when heat from the attic raises a roof’s surface temperature above freezing. This causes any accumulated snow and ice on the roof to melt and then flow down towards the roof’s edges (the eaves). Once that water reaches the eaves, it refreezes because that area of the roof is still below freezing. Over time, ice accumulates, preventing any other melted snow from draining off of the roof — hence the term “ice dam.”

How Ice Dams Can Damage Your Home

Ice dams are more than an unsightly nuisance; they can actually cause significant damage to your home. Water that backs up behind an ice dam can pool up and leak through your roofing materials, into the upper areas of your home. This can lead to structural damage in your attic, along with damage to insulation, ceilings, walls, and wood floors in other areas of your home. In addition to problems like rotting roof decking and peeling paint, you’ll see a difference in your home’s comfort because wet attic insulation cannot effectively control temperatures in your home.

Protect Your Home with Ice Dam Removal and Prevention Services

Proper ice dam removal and prevention starts in the attic. Air sealing in the attic keeps warm, climate-controlled air from seeping in from below, while installing high performance spray foam or cellulose insulation keeps indoor heat from rising into the attic. Together, air sealing and insulation will prevent heat from accumulating in the attic and raising temperatures on the roof. If you want to put an end to ice dams once and for all, you can trust the experts at Greenlink Energy Solutions. We help homeowners in the greater Rockford, IL  (Northern Illinois) area and Southern Wisconsin with ice dam removal and preventative measures at the source with professional attic restoration and weatherization services. We are a complete home performance contractor which means we look at your house as a system rather than addressing individual components. Through testimonials and our demonstrated results, you can trust our certified experts to deliver lasting home comfort and energy efficiency solutions for your home.

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