Mold, mildew, ice-damming, water stains on walls and ceilings, frost lines and other common issues are indicators of underlying problems. The Complete Energy Audit will pinpoint the 

exact root issues.

Greenlink's Complete Energy Audit Reveals:

  • Where conditioned air is leaving your home or business
  • Why some rooms are uncomfortably warm or cold
  • If your heating and cooling system is operating properly
  • How well your insulation is performing
  • If there are issues with your duct system
  • Where ventilation issues are reducing comfort

Pinpointing Root Issues

We use building science practices and professional tools to take the guesswork out of home energy performance.

During the assessment, we will use a blower-door test along an infrared test to find even the smallest air leaks - which can vent conditioned air, and let moisture, pollutants, and even pests into your home. These tests also make it easy to literally see areas where your home is lacking sufficient insulation.

We will also run tests on your home's mechanical systems, such as your furnace and water heater. This is to make sure they are running efficiently, are properly ventilated, and have no dangerous gas leaks.


Once we've identified the root issues, our highly trained team will recommend and explain the most effective solutions; to give you lasting comfort and lower utility bills, no matter the weather. Now it's time to perform the work.

To start saving money, contact us and schedule your Greenlink Energy Audit today!

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