Does your attic have rodent or other pest problems? Is it moldy, musty, or odorous?

Animal waste can deteriorate insulation and create odor problems within the home. If not

addressed, the problem worsens over time, as odors attract more wildlife, and moisture turns to mold and rot.

Many attics have issues with water infiltration, degraded insulation and rodents. To solve this problem, we offer thorough attic restoration services in Rockford, IL. We can restore your attic by cleaning it out, sealing gaps and installing new insulation – making it as good as new. We start by assessing its current condition and determining what materials can remain.

Home attic restoration includes:

  • Removal of animal waste, parasites and other pathogens
  • Replacing contaminated and moldy insulation
  • Sealing gaps where wildlife enter
  • Restoring other building elements as needed
  • Ensuring adequate attic ventilation

Greenlink Energy Solutions can restore your attic to pristine condition, while increasing the energy efficiency of your home. We resolve past issues with your attic and lay the groundwork to prevent problems from recurring in the future.


Gaps in your attic allow unconditioned air and pests in, and inadequate insulation makes your heating and cooling equipment work harder to compensate.

Unfortunately, few Rockford homes meet the U.S. Department of Energy's recommended attic insulation guidelines. After inspection of your existing insulation, the Greenlink Energy Solutions team can replace your insulation if needed, so it meets high energy efficiency standards.


Our experience restoring attics can help you prevent future maintenance on your home by getting the job done right the first time. As a leader in home performance, we understand how to cut your energy bills and boost home comfort.

Get your attic into like-new condition. Call Greenlink Energy Solutions today for attic restoration, cleanup, and decontamination in Rockford, IL.

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