April 30, 2018

Are you looking to make your home feel clean and fresh this spring? While most Rockford, IL area homeowners jump to solutions like spring cleaning and open windows for a fresher home, the surest way to freshen up your home this spring is with smart and simple energy efficiency upgrades.

By scheduling an energy audit and upgrades like air sealing and insulation, you can improve the overall health of your home, reduce allergy symptoms, increase home efficiency, and make your home more comfortable for the coming summer months.

Assess Your Home with an Energy Audit

Before you do anything else to your home this spring, be sure to schedule a home energy audit. A home energy audit conducted by an experienced professional will help you diagnose indoor comfort issues you’ve been having. It will also give you valuable information about home efficiency and tell you which areas in your home need the most attention as you make improvements.

During your energy audit, for example, a professional will conduct a blower door test to assess your home’s overall air leakage levels. This test can reveal issues such as air leaks, missing insulation, and problems with your ductwork, pointing you to effective home improvements like insulation and air sealing.

Air Seal & Insulate for Countless Benefits

Air sealing and insulation are typically two of the first home improvements you should make after your home energy audit. Air sealing closes up holes and cracks that allow conditioned indoor air to escape and contaminated outdoor air to enter. Insulation, meanwhile, improves your home’s ability to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, regardless of what the temperature is outside. Valuable indoor heat stays inside during the winter, while sweltering outdoor heat stays outside during the summer.

Benefits of air sealing and insulating together include:

  • Better indoor air quality

  • Reduced allergy symptoms

  • Greater indoor comfort

  • Increased home efficiency

  • Lower heating & AC bills

Freshen Up Your Home with Greenlink Energy Solutions

For a fresher Illinois home this spring, you need smart solutions from Greenlink Energy Solutions. We help homeowners in the greater Rockford area freshen up their homes with professional services like home energy audits, air sealing, insulation, weatherization, and attic restoration. After we diagnose and upgrade your home, you’ll breathe easier and experience added benefits like greater home comfort and energy efficiency — all year long.

A fresher home starts with smart home improvements from Greenlink. Contact us or call (779) 774-3378 today to schedule your home energy audit!

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