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According to ENERGY STAR, as many as 90% of American homes are under-insulated, including homes in the Greater Rockford area and Northern Illinois. One of the most commonly under-insulated areas is... Read more
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Drafts are an all-too-familiar phenomenon for homeowners here in northern Illinois — especially now that the freezing temperatures and fierce winds of winter have arrived. Many homeowners in the area... Read more
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With cold weather in full swing, here are some ways to lower your heating bills this winter.
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Now is that time of year when temperatures are really starting to drop here in the Rockford, IL area. As you settle indoors to keep warm, critters could be doing the very same thing in your attic.... Read more
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The hot weather is finally winding down here in northern Illinois, and that means homeowners in Rockford and the surrounding area are getting their homes ready for fall and winter.... Read more