Heat Pumps

Want to take home comfort to the next level?

The solution is mini-split heating and cooling systems with heat pumps.

Heat pump heating and coolingBenefits of a mini-split system include:

  • Provide both heating and cooling
  • Enhance home comfort with even temperatures
  • Boost energy efficiency
  • Allow for true home zoning
  • Ductless design and no indoor mechanicals save space

Ultimate in Heating and Cooling

Growing in popularity in the Rockford area, ductless, mini-split system heat pumps are an attractive heating and cooling solution. These systems do not require ductwork to be added to existing homes, making the installation process easier. Mini-splits are also popular for room additions, making it unnecessary to extend the ductwork.

Trust the Greenlink Energy Solutions Team

Talk to our qualified team. We will help you determine which system best serves your needs and your lifestyle.

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